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Save more on delivery costs when you plan ahead

Reliable Logistics Service

Fast Service

We ensure your parcels are delivered promptly in the shortest possible time within the same day.

Safe Delivery

We also ensure that the safety of your parcel is taken care of by our reliable fleet of drivers.

24/7 Support

Have an urgent delivery to be made in the wee hours of the morning? We got you covered!

At Hantarkan, You come first.

Through our humble beginnings, we know that reliability is key. Another important factor is costs involved. On-Demand, Same-Day delivery providers are charging a bomb these days.

Which is why we decided to go against the tide and lower down costs, at the same time, not reducing on reliabillity of service.

What We Do

Bulk Item Movers

Have big items in the home that needs moving? We got you covered.

Safety & Security

Have a delicate parcel that needs extra-care when handling? Our drivers know what to do!

Real-Time Tracking

Our operations team will keep-you updated on parcels location and whereabouts. No worries!

Online Marketplace

Interested in zero fees platform? Then put your products with us!

Transparent Price

No hidden charges is just another thing that makes our clients love us!

Global Business

We are locally made, with visions of being a global player.

Want 0% Platform Charges?

Put your products in our marketplace!